Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Most of the...

...CAFC blogs concentrate on the men's first team, but we didn't have a very successful few days with several teams. Our first team lost 4-1 to Sheffield Wednesday, our reserves lost 4-0 to Reading, and our womens team lost 0-6 to Birmingham City...but that was in the cup, and they're still doing fine in the league, and several sixteen year olds played. Other than that, it's very quiet.

It's early here, and I've dragged my poor overloaded laptop out again...while I watch/listen to the Australian Open. Lleyton Hewitt is playing against a seed...and the Australians have just woken up...it's been unusually quiet.

So, what's life been up to? Yesterday was planned, a trip into town to buy white paint for the kitchen ceiling, and the garage to get my little clip replaced...but, when the morning arrived it was dull and wet, and I honestly didn't feel like making the trip, so decided to make beads. After putting bed linen in to wash, I left everything for "later", switched the kiln on and lit the torch...nearing the end of making my first set the phone rang. Now that could be one of two people...I'd already spoken to my mother, and phoned my daughter in law wishing her happy birthday...so, it was either my husband or the estate agent, checking on last weeks conversation. Sally's voice came along the line..."I've got someone who wants to view", says she, "this morning!" Panic strikes as I think of the stripped beds, the layer of dust that was waiting for the afternoon...the cardboard that was on it's way to the recycling..."when's convenient?" "Give me an hour..." ever optimistic. "Would eleven be fine?" "Yes" I answer with a sigh. That would give me an hour and a half. She gives me the details and I start to fly about the house...beds made, and the phone goes...my thought...they've backed out! But, no...I have a second hour...my viewer wants to come at midday. Even better!

Then as she walks through the door, there I am in a clean and tidy house, changed out of my spattered work sweatshirt ready to show her around. Will she buy? I don't know. Will I hear? I think so, she's been let down herself and I don't think she's that selfish. Did I get more beads made? Nope. Nor did I get the paint or to the garage.

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