Monday, 26 January 2009


...the paint is ordered.

The wall and woodwork paint was ordered on Saturday, and should be here tomorrow or Thursday...the wall paint is a strange yellow/green from
The Little Greene and the tiles will be on the wall Friday. I could do them myself, but this time someone else can do them for me...I'll stick with the painting, except for the of the men in my life can do that. Why have a husband and two adult sons and do it myself! I have to find some shelving too, something old and wooden that can be painted, or two scaffolding planks and make it myself.

I'm also planning to make a herb garden, not very large, but with the bits I like using. I have the design where I usually keep things like that, in my head. It won't take much to dig the patch of garden and lay the design out. Hopefully it'll stay nice this week to get that done, and at least prepared.

And on top of that we've got a game tomorrow evening, against our staunchest rivals...but, I'm trying not to think that far!

I've also given myself a shabby header...just something different.

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