Thursday, 22 January 2009

I really have... to stop planning my days. It's not going to work!

Today I do have to visit my old workplace to deliver a silver chain, and I need some groceries. But, last night I saw the Andy Murray game advertised for this was said to be about 8:15am. My plan was to watch that and then make the journey. It was never going to happen. This morning they said the match should start at about 9:30...following the Venus Willliams game...they should have told the young Spanish lady Venus played, as she took it to three sets and won. Carla Suarez Navarro...from Gran Canaria...and a very good win too.

The A Murray v M Granollers (from Spain)...started at 11:00. The young Scot has taken the first set, and is looking at winning the second, so I might leave it to him...

I have been working whilst watching. I've photographed and listed some new beads...see right. Some pretty feminine colours ready for valentines. I'm a white tulip kind of person myself, not being keen on red roses...

I also had entertainment on my new feeder stick. Watching a squirrel try to work out how to climb or jump up to the food. He made the first level, but can't make it to the seed or nuts...but, you can see him trying to fathom it out. He shared his pickings with a pheasant, but chased the magpie away. The small birds were sitting on the top, and you could see their smirk.

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