Sunday, 4 January 2009

Now there's...

...a thing!

As predicted, tomorrow came...and another draw ensued. This means that our run of not winning extends to seventeen, we have a replay to get through...but, it also means we ARE in the hat today. Let's hope game nineteen and the number thirteen are lucky for us! Nineteen because we play Notts Forest (who beat Man City yesterday), this coming Saturday (game eighteen), and how they'll be rejuvenated by that win and their new manager...and thirteen, because we replay against Norwich on Tuesday the 13th, and we're ball number thirteen in the draw today. I'm hoping that eighteen will be lucky, I have reservations there though!

Yesterday was different, seeing the game from a different vantage point, still having the same kind of supporters around us, but at least these were a little more positive towards the team. I am concerned about whether the board have the want to keep Jonjo Shelvey, he's just so good and a brightness in the gloom covering the Valley. For those who don't know, he's our sixteen year old midfielder, and little used this season, but already you can see his understanding of the game. His influence yesterday was beyond his years, and he scored a cracker of a goal. I just hope they remember that being under seventeen he's not worth as much as after seventeen...and any monetary difficulties we're in could influence that decision. Maybe by then they'll like us again, or have sold us on...I mean, Ashbey has taken Newcastle off the market, West Ham have more problems then it might be worth new owners looking at! Like a £30m debt to Sheffield United, plus other financial decisions to make. Back to the team, it was good seeing Yassin Moutaouakil playing again, and a surprise to see Matt Holland as a central defender, but you couldn't ask for more industry and savvy from an older midfielder! There were positives, but we are letting ourselves down each time.

We are "promised" four signings in this transfer window. I wonder? Who and how? More loans?

Anyway, in the short I go shopping in Norwich next week? Decisions, decisions!

I also promise some new items being listed in my shop, and I'm thinking about separating my items out, maybe having one shop for the beads, and another for the jewellery...we'll see.

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