Saturday, 17 January 2009


...the poor laptop to it's ultimate. I usually use the PC in the office, but today I've dragged my old laptop into use. That's because I'm trying to do several things at the same time, and the office is in the wrong part of the house. I'd love a new laptop...but...ahh well.

I went to one of my favourite garden centres this morning...Van Hages near Ware, and came away with a bird feeder spike and have placed it near(ish) the sitting room french doors, with a shelter of a white flowered, evergreen honeysuckle the other side. At present I can see blue and great tits hanging from one part..a robin, hopping from place to place...a blackbird hanging around the base. They'll all vanish soon, as the wind is rising. I wonder if the squirrels will cope with it! Yesterday, I sat and watched a greater spotted woodpecker pecking away at one of the logs we've left around, with the blackbird and sparrows picking up the pieces he was throwing away. That's one reason I'm on the laptop, so I can see into the garden. I'm listening to CAFCTV for the commentary for the Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton game starting soon, and I'm trying to update this and Etsy...and read some of the blogs I enjoy.

I looked around the plant part of the centre, but I prefer dedicated nurseries for those. We've got some glorious ones locally.

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